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bbq meat

The Best Meats, Sides and Recipes for Your BBQ

The warmth on your skin, the sizzle of the griddle and the waft of organic goodness floating through the air. BBQ season is upon us and we’re here to make sure you get it right! Get ready to discover must-have meats, sumptuous sides, and our expert tips to level up your cookout!

What do I need for a BBQ? I hear you ask. Brace yourself for the ultimate BBQ food checklist.

What utensils will I need?

Before you get carried away with the flavoursome cuts of organic BBQ meat, make sure you’ve got your kitchen essentials.

It goes without saying that you’ll need knives, forks, spoons, plates, and glasses for when feast time finally comes. We recommend a strong pair of metal tongs and a spatula or two for moving the cuts around. Serving spoons will also come in handy for your sides and condiments. Don’t forget some biodegradable kitchen roll to guard against the inevitable splashes and the odd dropped sausage!

 bbq meat

Image: There's no BBQ like an organic BBQ!


Which meats are best on the BBQ?

Practically every cut of meat can flourish on the BBQ if you’re willing to play to its strengths. If you’re sticking to traditional high-heat grilling, then we’ve got some mouth-watering options just a click away.


The organic, grass-fed diet of our herd ensures our 6oz Beef Steak Burgers are packed full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Should you prefer a spicier option, cayenne chilli, ground cumin and paprika all feature in our Texas Firecracker Steak Burgers.

You don’t just have to be a slave to the beef this BBQ season. Our Lamb Minted Burgers and Pork & Apple Burgers will provide plenty of alternative flavour to your feast should it be required.


We’ve pushed the boat out with our sausage range this year. Grab everything from handmade Traditional Pork Sausages to Beef Chipolatas with Cracked Black Pepper.

A couple of special mentions must be made. Firstly, our Smoky BBQ Beef Sausages are sure to add a different dimension to your hot dog. Grill well to develop a satisfying juicy crunch with every bite.

Sticking with the flamin’ theme, our Smoky Bacon Sausages are a must-try for pork lovers. Free-range organic pork blended with smoked bacon bits makes for a mouth-watering combination. All stuffed in a natural nitrate-free casing.

organic sausages

Image: Our Smoky Bacon Sausages.


Our chefs have done you a favour with the flavour this summer. Our pre-seasoned kebab varieties will have the whole family asking for a second helping.

Sticky Sweet Chicken Kebabs are marinated in seasoned organic maple syrup for what is perhaps 2023’s most moreish glaze. However, it faces stiff competition for this title from our Sticky Jamaican Jerk Lamb Kebabs. Organic honey and selected spices will help give your BBQ party a little taste of the Caribbean.

If you’re after a more Mediterranean flavour, then look no further than our Garlic & Italian Herb Pork Kebabs. Thyme, basil, oregano, garlic and more are combined to produce a succulent savoury treat.

bbq lamb kebabs

Image: Our Jamaican Jerk Lamb Kebabs.


All our award-winning grass-fed steaks can be grilled to perfection on your BBQ. These beauties contain extra intra-muscular fat which will melt perfectly to produce the silkiest, most tender steak.

If you want something that requires a little less supervision on the grill, we suggest opting for our Seasoned Minute Steaks. Sprinkled with chosen spices, these bad boys only need (you guessed it) a one-minute sear on each side. Quick, convenient and a staple for any BBQ.

If you’re looking to impress, consider including a beautiful Beef Brisket in your offering. The combination of a crispy covering and a moist succulent inside is too much to resist!


Our free-range organic chickens are free to roam local pastures. We find our slow-rearing process helps the meat to mature and develop exceptional flavour when it comes time to grill.

Your BBQ wouldn’t be complete without some wings. Maybe you’ll delve into our Piri Piri variety, with spices inspired by Portugal and South Africa. For those with a hardier spice tolerance, our Hot & Smoky Chicken Wings are surely the go-to. Toss straight onto the barbie and allow the skin to crisp and char for added texture.

spatchcock chicken recipe

Image: The show-stopping Jamaican Spatchcock Chicken.

Got a few more mouths to feed than usual? Consider our Jamaican Jerk Spatchcock Chicken+. Handily prepared by our traditionally trained butchers, ready to be cooked with patience for fall-off-the-bone goodness.


What sides and extras will I need?

You’ve got the lowdown on all the meat cuts. Now it’s time to add some essential BBQ sides and nibbles.

Vegetables and Salad

You’ll of course need onions to layer into those burgers and hotdogs. We recommend the simple white variety. However, if you’re after a slightly tamer taste then our red onions make for a superb substitute.

It’s important to provide some light, refreshing salad to balance the heavier meats. Our Market Garden Mixed Salad does precisely this. You couldn’t hope for a fresher side unless you picked it yourself!

Don’t want to worry about missing anything off the shopping list? Our BBQ Grilling Veg Box has all the farm fresh veg your guests could possibly wish for. What’s more, for a limited time we’re offering this bumper box at 25% off!

bbq vegetable box

Image: All the BBQ vegetables you'll need.


There’s something satisfying about a thick slice of creamy cheddar melting over your BBQ burger. We can vouch that this experience is heightened by the organic flavours of Glastonbury Farmhouse Cheddar. Whether you opt for their Mature, Vintage, or Smoked variety is a choice we’ll leave to you.

A cheese that has become a modern staple at any BBQ is the rubbery phenomenon of halloumi. Produced by the award-winning High Weald Dairy, this halloumi transforms into a crispy treat when shown to the barbie. Perfect for any vegetarians at your event, or as a juicy little addition to your organic burger.

Feeling inventive? All our organic cheeses can be utilised in your cookout, so just grab whatever is tickling your fancy.

Dips, Condiments and More

It should go without saying that you’ll need a tangy barbecue sauce as a bare minimum. Our BBQ Sauce from Biona is perfect for smothering, marinading, and drizzling, thus meeting all the criteria. Sweet, sticky and slightly smoky, the easiest excuse for another burger.

Ketchup will undoubtedly be highly requested. Luckily, our Mr Organic Naturally Sweetened Tomato Ketchup provides all the flavour with a fraction of the sugar! What’s more, you can easily add an extra spice kick with their Tomato & Chilli variety.

organic ketchup

Image: Add an extra flavour dimension with our chilli ketchup.

Some of your cuts may call for a drizzle of Caesar or Sweet Mustard dressing, a dollop of Mayonnaise or a generous dunk into Houmous or Salsa. Whatever the meat demands, we’ve got you covered.

If you really can’t wait for the grilling to be done, tuck into our range of Real Olive Co olives. Including wild garlic & basil, kalamata, and limone flavours to mention a few.


Our Best BBQ Recipes

Our organic Recipe Hub has you covered if you’re looking for guidance. Follow our stress-free Spatchcock Chicken recipe to produce a special BBQ bird. Ensuring you get your timings right for the perfect Beef Brisket can be a daunting task. Our how-to-cook Smoked Beef Brisket guide will have you relaxing with a cold refreshment while your masterpiece cooks away, even before your guests arrive.

Finally, check out our how to cook burgers guide to ensure the best possible outcome for your BBQ.

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