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Top Tips to Keep Organic Affordable

Top Tips to Keep Organic Affordable

Is there a better feeling than that Eversfield delivery turning up on your doorstep? Call us bias but we think not! We’re passionate about providing fresh organic groceries nationwide and with good reason.

The upsides of eating an organic diet are well established. Its food that’s better for nature, the environment, animal welfare, and your own health. Not to mention the superior taste that has won us many an award: undoubtedly a bonus. You may be worried that with prices being hiked up here, there and everywhere, benefitting from the many upsides of organic food may not be a feasible staple for you and your family anymore.

Well, before you cut ties and downgrade your weekly shop, let us suggest a few ways in which you can still maintain an organic lifestyle while comfortably adhering to a stricter budget.


Knowing Organic Goes Further

After almost 20 years of delivering organic meat and vegetables from our family-run farm on Dartmoor, we’ve picked up some pretty useful feedback from our lovely customers. One recurring comment we have received is that our organic meat seems to go further than that of its conventionally farmed counterparts.

Eversfield Organic grass fed marbled steak

Image: Our steaks look AND taste better than the rest!

This could be due to the fact our animals are not subjected to hormones and antibiotics. For instance, our traditional breed Aberdeen Angus herd are free to roam our green organic land, meaning they are raised on a 100% grass-fed diet. Alternatively, it could be a product of our slow-rearing process, whereby our animals are not rushed through their development and thus live fuller, happier lives. Either way, our regular customers often tell us that a smaller organic joint of meat is more than a sufficient alternative to a larger conventional cut.

Further, due to the richer flavour and succulence, as well as the higher concentration of healthy omega-3 fats, our meat is often reported as more satiating. Meaning you can stretch it across more meals.


Plan, Plan, Plan

Now, this doesn’t have to mean regularly updated spreadsheets or algorithms to track personal expenditure and account for every penny. However, a couple of simple practices can help you stick to your revised budget.

Eversfield Organic Steak and Kidney Pie

Image: You can still tuck into your favourite dishes on a regular basis.

Consider planning your meals in advance. By setting some of your dishes in stone ahead of time, you’re removing that last minute panic and uncertainty. This means you can compile a grocery list of everything that you know will be needed and avoid purchases that will cause unnecessary food waste. Don’t get us wrong, we all love the thrill of an impulse buy, just be savvy with what products you choose to pull the trigger on.

The beauty of this strategy is its simplicity. It is also a fantastic way to eat healthier, planning the spine of your diet to ensure you’re ticking off all of the appropriate nutrient groups.

If you want to take your organisation skills a step further, your freezer will come in super handy. Try buying in bulk and batch cooking several meals, portioning them up and freezing for a later date. After an easy way to save time on a work night? Grab a portion of your favourite organic dish from the freezer in the morning and let it thaw for you to return home and tuck into.


Take Advantage of Offers

We know the recent economic climate has affected many of our customers. This is why we are committed to supporting our Eversfield family through absorbing costs internally where possible and providing added opportunities for customers to glean extra value from their grocery shops.

Eversfield Organic sustainable packaging

Image: Get deliveries like this for less!

It has never been a better time to join our herd. Sign up now and start getting rewarded while you shop. You can earn points for creating an account, following us on social media, making purchases and referring a friend to our rewards scheme to earn a £10 voucher. It’s never been easier to earn shopping credit which can be turned into fresh organic goodies in your next shop! You’ll also receive 10% off your first order when you create your account with us. Don't worry, we're looking after our loyal customers too, with our subscribe and save offer providing a 5% discount on each recurring order you place.

Further, if you're local to either of our Tavistock or Totnes Farm Shops, grabbing yourself a loyalty card can help save on a multitude of products. Enjoy 10% off the wine of the week, 15% off all fish on Fridays, a free hot beverage when you spend £20 and more exclusive bundles, discounts and releases.

For other seasonal discounts and exclusives, keep a keen eye on our Special Offers section to grab yourself a bargain. Hurry though, these products tend to move very quickly!

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