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Eversfield Organic - Quality Organic Produce Delivered to Your Door

Eversfield Organic meat exclusively from the Devon farm

We’re No Longer Supplying Abel & Cole

Shop with us online or in our Farm Shops to buy our exclusive organic, 100% grass fed meat


Big changes are happening on the Eversfield Organic farm, as we continue to work towards supplying our customers the very best organic meat. We’re turning our attention to supplying our customers and as a result, we’re no longer providing Abel & Cole with Eversfield Organic meat. From now on, the only way to get your hands on the 100% grass fed, organic meat produced in our ethical butchery on our farm is exclusively from us. Secure your organic meat delivery online or visit us in our Farm Shops to buy Eversfield Organic meat.


Why Choose Eversfield Organic?

Nestled on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, our humble beginnings of a family-run farm selling organic, wholesome produce to the local area has led to so much more. Whilst the farm will always have family at its core, we have grown immensely since our founder Mark and family moved back to Ellacott in 2002 and began to nurture a rather poorly soil back to health.


Intensive farming was replaced by a lot of TLC, naturally nourishing the ground so the surrounding microenvironment could flourish. We saw the soil as a vital investment and with this, our newly repaired earth gained organic certification in 2004. A healthy, nutritious soil is the roots of the business, ensuring our prize-winning herd of heritage Aberdeen Angus are well looked after. Mark’s work with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust helped build his herd, who live a happier, healthier and more natural life thanks to the nutrients they receive from their 100% pasture fed diet.


Our grass fed, organic meat and accompanying organic food have allowed for nationwide organic grocery box delivery whilst still supporting the local economy and always keeping a mindful eye out for the environment.


The Eversfield Organic Family on the Devon farm 


The Benefits of 100% Grass Fed Meat

Grass fed meat is a term we hear a lot, with many supermarkets and butchers claiming their meat is grass fed. Whilst it may be true that their animals do feed on grass, many are not fed a diet of 100% pasture. A lot of the labels you may see when you do your weekly shop can be a little misleading when claiming their meat is grass fed, as they supplement beef and lamb with grain to enhance the speed of growth.


On certified organic farms, animals must have access to pasture, lots of space to explore, a natural diet and be able to roam on organic pasture free from artificial fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. At Eversfield Organic, all these boxes are ticked as we rear our organic, grass fed beef and lamb. The ruminant digestive systems of cattle and sheep are designed to digest grass, not the grain used to pack on weight on intensive farms. Our organic beef and lamb are free from growth hormones and grain, making for a completely natural and slow development, the way nature intended.


The outdoor lifestyle of our animals (our cattle spend a minimum of 200 days outside compared to the 120 days minimum of the highest welfare supermarkets) means they are less likely to suffer from disease, which in turn reduces the need for routine antibiotics. In the warmer months, the animals spend their days grazing the fields, whilst in the winter they are tucked away and fed on preserved pasture. They really are 100% grass fed for life. We’re proud to be only a handful of farms to be certified organic by the Soil Association and certified grass fed by the Pasture for Life Association (PFL).


organic grass fed beef and lamb from eversfield organic


As well as improving animal welfare standards, organic, grass fed meat also has benefits for the environment. Our grazing animals help to keep our soils fertile by keeping the pasture trimmed and fertilised. Grass fed cattle also produce less methane than grain fed. Not only this, but grass fed lamb and beef makes for a healthier choice for our dinner plates. Grass fed meat holds 3 times the amount of Omega-3, vitamins A & E and antioxidants. The beautiful marbling of healthy fats in grass fed beef and lamb boosts the tasty, meaty flavour and improves the flavour as well as being kinder to our waistlines. We think that’s a win, win.



So, what are you waiting for? All of our award-winning, organic and 100% grass fed beef and lamb is now available exclusively from our online shop or in our Farm Shops in Tavistock, Totnes or Marlborough. Remember, you can also get your hands on our ethically-produced, expertly-butchered meat at our Selfridges Butchers Counter in London. Place your organic meat delivery online or visit us in our various locations to keep your fridge filled with your favourite cuts.

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