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organic lamb

Why Choose Organic Lamb?

With Organic September and Love Lamb Week overlapping, we couldn’t resist the chance to brag about our award-winning organic lamb products and take a look at what makes them so special.

Better from the Start

We know we may sound like a broken record, but the benefits of organic produce really do stretch beyond just the superior taste. Organic farming will always prioritise the health of the animals, people, and ecosystems involved whilst complying with strict regulatory standards. The result is a product with a taste that reflects the care it has received.

Organic lamb is no exception. Lambs on our farm are given the attention and respect that they deserve. We ensure that our flock is not over-populated at any one time and that their grazing pasture is large enough to allow free-roaming. This also reduces the risk of parasitic infections passing between the flock. In addition to prioritising the comfort of the animals, we take great care to protect our lambs from undue pain. Whilst conventionally-farmed sheep may be de-horned, mass-shorn, and have their tails docked, in order to make them easier to handle, our organic counterparts do not have to face any of these hardships, instead being encouraged to live how sheep were naturally intended.

organic lamb

Image: Members of our Eversfield Flock.

Prioritising Care

Better care most certainly translates to better taste and our lambs are reared on a 100% organic diet. Unlike conventional flocks, lambs at our farm avoid feeds which are brimmed with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) such as growth promoters, hormones, antibiotics, and other restricted materials like poultry by-products. 

Instead, they are given unbarred access to expansive pastures with wholesome, nutrient-rich soil. Our turf is free from chemical fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides, making it the perfect munch spot for our lambs to build up their strength. There is no doubt that these eating habits translate to some sumptuous meat. 

Our Lamb Week picks

Why not catch the tail-end of the BBQ season with our Lamb Rump Steaks? If the weather doesn’t hold out, these taste just as divine when pan-fried in garlic and herb butter to achieve a satisfying crust. If you’re after a cut that will impress your dinner guests, look no further than our tender and juicy Lamb Noisettes. If you’re looking for 10s all around, we suggest taking it to the next level with an accompanying lemon and rosemary jus.

Whether you’re getting the family together to celebrate, or you just want an excuse to tuck into an award-winning roasting joint, our Eversfield Organic Whole Leg of Lamb is the perfect centrepiece for any feast. Equally as delicious if roasted low and slow alongside garlic and thyme, or when fired under high heat to achieve a classic medium rare centre.

Eversfield Organic Half Lamb Box

Image: Try a bit of everything with out Eversfield Organic Half Lamb Box

Check out our full Organic Lamb and Mutton range to see all reasons why we like to bleat about our lamb!

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