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organic grass fed british lamb from eversfield organic

Why Grass Fed Lamb? 

At Eversfield Organic, we talk a lot about our 100% grass fed and finished organic beef. Maybe it’s because when we look out of our office window, we can see our herd of heritage Aberdeen Angus cattle roaming the fields right next to us. However, we’re just as proud to be one of only a handful of online butchers to supply both PFLA (Pasture for Life) and grass fed for life organic British lamb, too.  


All of our organic lamb is grass fed and finished from small, local farms to Eversfield Organic. The lambs spend their happy, healthy lives roaming the fields and grazing freely on organic pastures. But why should lamb be grass fed?  


Why is Grass Fed Lamb Better?  

Allowing lamb and sheep to graze open fields in a natural, outdoor environment and munch on organic grasses and clover ensures the animals live just how nature intended. Not only does this mean the lambs come into contact with bugs and germs to boost their immune systems (meaning there’s less need for antibiotics), but it also agrees with their ruminant digestive systems. Similarly to cattle, sheep have a 4-part stomach which is designed to digest pasture specifically. Even a small feed of grain can upset ruminant animals’ digestive systems and cause metabolic disorders.  


The PFLA, who champion the virtues of pastoral farming, are working to battle the misleading titles that can often be found on “grass fed” meats. The PFLA explain that some meat products sold in the UK as “grass fed” can come from animals fed on a mixture of grass, cereals and manufactured feed. Farmers and producers only need to feed their animals on a diet of grass 60% of the time to use the term “grass fed”. At Eversfield Organic, we ensure our lamb is grass fed and finished for life – never fed grain that can upset their natural digestive systems.  


organic grass fed lamb from organic farm


Making sure animals have the freedom to express their natural behavior and live happy and healthy lives is an important aspect of organic farming, but why eat grass fed lamb? The more that the lambs roam the fields, the more they work their muscles resulting in less saturated fats. These unsaturated fats are what you’ll find on an Eversfield Organic lamb cut, proving a great source of omega-3 fatty acids known to decrease inflammation and the risk of heart disease. This reduced fat content leaves room for more protein, antioxidants and vitamins from natural, slow grown lamb. Grass fed lamb is better for animal welfare and for you and your family.  


Our Favourite Lamb Cuts 

We love the variety that organic lamb can offer, from weekend slow roast joints to quick midweek dinners like juicy lamb meatballs or tender lamb chops. Many believe the best way to cook lamb is a slow cook roast on the bone. This creates a mouth-wateringly tender and succulent lamb dinner, working with both our Lamb Leg (Bone In) and Lamb Shoulder (Bone In). These classic roasting joints work with a range of seasonings, but we recommend covering with the traditional combination of Rosemary and Garlic or for something a little different try Lemon and Anchovies for a delicious roast lamb leg. Alternatively cover our organic lamb shoulder with aromatic spices and grill over hot coals.  


organic lamb shoulder, how to cook lamb shoulder, slow roast lamb


Our Lamb Loin Chops are a great mid-week dinner choice, cooking up quickly and easily paired with Garlic, Rosemary and Redcurrant Sauce. These tender chops are taken from the loin of the lamb with a meaty flavour that is second to none. Or mix up your weekday dinners with our organic Lamb & Mint Meatballs, perfect for popping into a one-pot slow-cooked dish with organic Aubergines, Tomatoes, Olives and sprinkled with organic Medita cheese 


Lamb Recipes 

Looking for a new lamb recipe to try out? We understand that knowing how to cook lamb can sometimes we daunting, so we’ve collected a few of the best lamb recipes which are made even better by using grass fed organic lamb.  


Lamb Chops Recipe 

We believe that organic lamb chops are a staple cut for their beautifully tender and easy to cook nature. The well-balanced flavour of our grass fed Lamb Loin Chops pairs perfectly with Rosemary and Garlic, only bettered by the addition of a handful of roasted organic vegetables. Read the full recipe here 


Lamb Meatballs Recipe 

Our succulent Lamb and Mint Meatballs make the perfect partner for a zingy salsa, deep spices and a cool mint yoghurt in our lamb tortillas recipe. Whip up a soft, homemade tortilla wrap and load with salsa, spices, yoghurt and the lamb meatballs, plus try roasted Aubergine, organic Hummus, Medita cheese and crisp Lettuce. Find the full recipe here. 


Slow Roast Lamb 

Got a special occasion coming up? Give our Balsamic Slow Roast Lamb a go. Delicious, slow-roasted grass fed lamb cooked on the bone for an incredibly tasty, melt-in-the-mouth organic meat. This rich and garlicky dish with a sweet tang makes for the perfect Sunday roast recipe, sure to impressive friends and family alike. Browse the full recipe here 


roast lamb leg, organic british lamb, organic meat delivery


Shop our full range of British, 100% grass fed and finished, organic lamb and mutton here and add to your next organic meat delivery. Check out our full collection of lamb recipes here 

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