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Wild Game Season


Moving into August has brought many changes to the Eversfield Organic Farm. From making hay for our grass fed cattle to munch on during Winter to a whole lot of blooming at our Market Garden, there’s a lot going on. It just so happens that August also marks the beginning of Wild Game season, as our deer stalker heads back out to estates across the South of England to provide us with some fresh Wild Venison this venison season…


What is Wild Game?

Wild Game consists of a number of gamebirds, waterfowl (e.g. duck and geese) and mammals that are free to roam where they please around various estates up and down the country. These animals can be legally hunted and shot to be eaten or sold to food retailers like ourselves. In the UK, the term hunting is usually associated with Wild Game meat such as venison and the shooting of game birds. However, in order to protect the animals and ensure steady breeding, there are various shooting or hunting seasons in place for different species. These hunting seasons are the reason we can’t offer fresh Wild Venison and game birds such as our popular Wild Pheasant all year round, and also why we’re so excited for the beginning of August.


A Wealth of History

Hunting has a steep history in Britain, with the pastime in place since prehistoric times as a way for hunter-gatherer societies to feed themselves before the domestication of animals and the birth of agriculture. The improvement of shotguns in the 18th and 19th century saw hunting turn from a necessity of life to more of a leisure activity with increasing popularity.


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With hunting formerly a royal sport (and many Royal Family members still involved in hunting and shooting today), it’s no surprise that shooting on large estates in Scotland was popularised by the Victorians. They were said to have been inspired by the picturesque Highland imagery, but we reckon that Devon’s rolling fields and scenic coastlines are even better.


Completely Wild

Although the majority of the products we sell are certified organic, we do sell a small selection of wild meat too. Our Wild Game (alongside wild fish) is one of them, which we ensure is carefully selected and responsibly hunted. Our Game is allowed to live freely, roaming wherever they please across the estates of the Southwest, and enjoy a natural diet. This means the animals live happier and healthier lives and produce a meatier flavour and leaner cut of meat.


We know our Wild Game is in good hands, with our Deer Stalker having hunted and sold Devon Venison since the age of 17 after gaining knowledge from his farming background. Wild Venison and Wild Pheasant are his speciality, naturally rich in flavour and leaner than farmed meat.

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Perfect Pairings

We understand that Venison might not be a regular delicacy in every household, so we’re here to break it down a little and offer advice on where to start. The tenderness and balance of the rich, gamey taste and lean fat of Wild Venison lends itself well to juicy, fruity flavours such as blackberry, plum and redcurrant. The flavours are also complemented by other deep tastes like red wine or port, red cabbage and wild mushrooms.


Wondering which cut to choose or how to cook Venison? We recommend our Wild Venison Saddle, Bone In or Whole Loin if you’re looking for a roasting joint. Use our Wild Venison Steaks or Fillets for a delicious Venison recipe on the grill, or try a Wild Venison Haunch (bone in or boned & rolled) for braising. You could also try our Game in a one pot or stew recipe with Diced or Minced Wild Venison. Take a look at some of our Wild Game recipes here.

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Have we convinced you to try something different for your next organic meat delivery? Keep an eye out for the virtual stocking of our fresh Wild Game soon. For the time being, browse our frozen selection of Wild Game here.

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