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Go Organic With Your Air Fryer

Farce, fad, or innovative invention? 2022 saw the now-infamous air fryer take centre stage as social media and lifestyle blogs sang its praises far and wide. 

The product's popularity has sky-rocketed in such a short time, with a November Uswitch survey revealing that almost a fifth of participants were planning to cook one or more components of their Christmas dinner in their air fryer. So, is the fuss justified?


Why is it useful?

An air fryer is effectively a countertop oven. Usually small and light enough to move around at will, the machine works to bake and roast food through the use of a powerful fan. This circulates hot air around the cooking chamber and cooks the food without the need for excess oil whilst still providing a delicious crispy outcome. 

There are a number of practical benefits associated with these relatively modern gadgets. Most air fryers possess a plastic handle, allowing you to pull the food container out and access the contents. This lessens the burn risk associated with reaching into a conventional oven. They are also super convenient as they will begin to cool as soon as their allocated cooking time has been reached, meaning there’s no need to ask Alexa to set another timer! As most air fryer trays are dishwasher safe, cleanup can be negotiated without a hitch.

Personally, one of the biggest frustrations I face is forgetting to preheat the oven, going to put my food in it and then realising I’ll have to wait another 15-20 minutes to eat. Well, this issue is alleviated thanks to an air fryer. Due to its humble size and concentration of power, it reaches the desired temperature very quickly, also reducing the cooking time of your food. 

Is it the most efficient cooking process for every meal?

With the continuance of the cost of living crisis in the UK, we’ve all been looking at ways in which we can shrink our expenditures and the air fryer may just offer some interesting solutions. Typically, an air fryer will use around a quarter of the energy compared to that of a conventional oven to cook the same product. Paired with the  

However, due to their diminutive size compared to most ovens, you are limited as to what you can fit in an air fryer. So, if you’re constantly preparing mountainous feasts, an air fryer may not be the most efficient tool in terms of saving time and energy.

Our suggestions

A whole host of our delicious organic range can easily be brought to life with the help of an air fryer. Take, for instance, the humble potato. Cut into your preferred shape of chips or create a crisp and fluffy baked potato with ease. Get your hands on our BBQ grilling veg box and air fry away to your heart’s content for a super easy and healthy snack.

Our moreish selection of organic bacon is definitely a top contender for my favourite food to air fry. Crispy and melt in the mouth without the excess oil that is present when frying, what’s not to love? What’s more, with a varying range of back, middle, streaky, smoked and honey-cured cuts, we’ve got something for each preference. 

Season our skin-on chicken breast fillets to your taste and air fry to produce a succulent, juicy centre bite alongside a crunch reminiscent of fried chicken. Our selection of sustainably caught wild fish such as hake, cod, plaice, haddock and lemon sole all produce divine results and are also super quick, making them perfect for a midweek air fryer masterpiece. 

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